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Minecraft / Ban Appeal
« on: September 03, 2012, 02:45:49 PM »
(this might show as a repost, couldnt find where the post went)

Hello guys, you may know me as king or elyssa12 on the server. it has come to my attention that i was banned from the server due to my behavior and actions. I would like to say that i am truly sorry to anyone that i have hurt or given griefed to. and just to prove that i am truly sorry, im wish to say sorry and apologize to you guys individualy. first off to the server admin, or know as zaph. I aprecaite you giving me a second chance to do what i have done wrong. Im sorry if i ever caused you grief or made you think that i was being rude to you or that you thought that i didnt give a $hit about what you thought. I do in fact love this server and i have grew fond and close to all you guys. :) and i am truely sorry for making u feel i was being rude to you. and to yth. I never meant to get you pissed or give you a hard time for the sensor, portal, and cobble generator. i purposly just added a sigle change to it, i meant it to be super easy to find, not to make you get mad, so i am truthly fully sorry. and to anybody else that have felt that i have griefed you or cause you grief. just please know that i never stole from you, destroyed your stuff (portal was a accident, and i did indeed fix it) or purposedly would ever cause anybody anygrief. i understand if you dont unban me and leave it as is, i just want to let you guys know i am truly sorry.

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